When Should I Replace My Boiler?

It’s a difficult question which homeowners, landlords and plumbers up and down the country regularly ask themselves, “Is it time I stop repairing this boiler and just get it replaced?”

The key questions to ask are these:

  • How old is the boiler?
  • Is it still under a manufacturers warranty?
  • Are parts available for the boiler, and are they cost-effective to replace?
  • Is the boiler starting to become inefficient and resulting in higher bills?
  • Does it cost more than the boiler is worth to fix it?

Having answered these questions, the answer to “Should I replace my boiler” may now be a little clearer.

Just so you know, as an ATAG selected partner, we can provide you with a market-leading 14-year warranty on a new boiler giving you the peace of mind you deserve. No other manufacturer currently offers that length of warranty for boilers, and we are proud to offer it to our customers.


Who do I ask to install my new boiler?

There are thousands of companies who are offering ‘unbeatable’ offers on new boiler installations. You only need to search online to find lots of companies providing new boilers at extremely low prices. Still, whoever you decide upon to install your new boiler, on face value, these deals seem great but make sure the installers are Gas Safe registered for mains gas boiler installations. Without the knowledge and necessary accreditation, you cannot know your boiler has been fitted to regulation or is safe. As a knock-on, should the worst happen, the warranty will not cover you on the boiler or by your home insurance.

Will Fen Property Services do a quick online quote as some of the big companies do?

In short, no, we won’t. We won’t do this for various reasons, but the number one reason is we believe every customer is an individual with individual needs and wants. Buying a boiler is not as simple as buying a jar of coffee, and without spending time talking through the options, how do you or we know you are getting the right boiler for you? Now, I am by no means saying don’t ask the big boys for a quote. In some circumstances, they may well indeed be a viable option; however, be sure to know what you are buying, what is included in the price, and how long you are covered for any warranty. Do not buy into a cover plan. You won’t need one on a new boiler, and be sure all the little “extra’s” are covered in the quote.

A typical quote should include the following:

  • The Boiler
  • A System Clean/Power Flush
  • A Magnetic Filter
  • An Inline Scale Reducer (Hard water areas especially)
  • Boiler Controls ( Be them smart or not)
  • Labour Costs

When an engineer visits to do your quote, they may ask you if you plan to add any more bathrooms in the future or is the new boiler going in the same place as the old one. They may also ask if you are happy with the boiler you have currently or suggest an alternative type of boiler that may be more efficient. Remember, whilst a Combi Boiler may be all the rage, they are not the answer to every households heating and hot water needs.

At Fen Property Services, we work hard to ensure you have the right boiler to suit your needs and budget. I can almost certainly tell you our quote will be considerably less than the leading energy suppliers quotes will be!

We offer a full a no-obligation quote, and we include absolutely EVERYTHING you will need in our first quote so no nasty little extras will appear on your bill at the end of the work. We install new boilers in Wisbech, March and the surrounding areas. You can rest assured you are in Gas Safe Hands with our expert plumbers and heating engineers.

Can I save money with a new Boiler?

Smart technology means we can now install boilers which can save you money and time. With smart heating controls talking directly to us, we can diagnose faults in some cases without even visiting your home, so you’re not waiting for a diagnostics call out, and we can get straight onto fixing the issue in hand. With other smart heating controls such as HiveTado and Nest, there are various options available for your new boiler, which can fit in with the technology you may already have in your home. Snazzy as they are, Smart Controls are not for everyone, so if you would rather stick to more traditional thermostats and controls, we understand entirely. We do not want you to be daunted in any way.

With new technology and improved parts, your new boiler could also save you up to 30% in energy, helping your pocket and the environment. What’s not to love about that?

As I have mentioned before (can you tell we are proud of this), Fen Property Services are ATAG selected partners. We can provide you with a market-leading 14-year warranty. That, combined with the most Eco-efficient boilers in Europe, makes ATAG boilers our number one boiler.

ATAG build boilers to last using the highest percentage of metal to plastic components than any other boiler manufacturer and are designed in the Netherlands to withstand seriously cold winters. Boasting a lifetime* guarantee on their iCon Heat Exchanger means even when your boiler is out of warranty, one of the most expensive components to replace is still covered!

If ATAG credentials don’t impress, we are also accredited with Vaillant and Ideal, meaning we can offer extended warranties of 10 and 12 years respectively on some of their models. This also means you have options. We will not come in and tell you which boiler we want you to have because of incentives from different boiler manufacturers to their installers. We can offer you the choice and guidance that comes as standard should you wish it.

Your boiler is the heart of your home, and we understand it can be a daunting experience when you plan to replace your boiler and even more so when it’s the middle of winter, and your boiler breaks down, leaving you sat in the cold. Fen Property Services aims to get your new boiler up and running in as short a time as possible and strive to make the process as simple as possible for you from the first call you make to us. No complicated forms to fill in, and in some cases, we can offer online consultations via zoom or facetime. As long as you have access to a smartphone or tablet and can virtually show us around your property, this is absolutely an option.

Fen Property Services are here to guide you through the steps of getting your new boiler. If you are unsure or need a hand with understanding your new boiler or controls after installation, we will be round as quickly as possible to assist you. We won’t just give you generic fault-finding manuals, which make little sense unless you are a plumber!

In a world full of complicated, we make it simple!



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