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Plumbing breakdown cover – when your plumbing or heating breaks down, we fully understand this can cause a huge disruption to your household. We have all been there, myself included! The last time my boiler broke down, I called a plumber and Stuart arrived to fix it… 4 and a half years later here we are, partners in life and business!

Now, at no point do I suggest you seduce your plumber, that’s not generally a wise move! In my case, I was considering taking out a boiler breakdown plan with one of the many companies who offer them. Claims of paying them around £30 a month to cover breakdowns or boiler replacements where needed sounded like a fantastic offer to me at the time. Now please don’t misunderstand me here, in some cases, these are a fantastic solution to so many problems however, there are some times when they are most definitely not!

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Is plumbing cover already included?

When a plumber installs your new boiler, that boiler will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. At the moment, some manufacturers are offering some amazing warranties of up to 12 years. 12 years of not having to worry is an awesome deal when it comes to your heating. In our case and most other reputable plumbers, we offer our own 1-year warranty on labour for boiler installs also.

Now, let’s get back to my point… these leaflets which come through your door or pop-ups on your computer screen offering you cover for your boiler do not take account when your boiler was fitted, how long your warranty is or what that covers. In short, if your boiler is still in warranty, YOU DO NOT NEED any additional cover. We hear time and time again of clients paying for these services when you just do not need them. As long as you used a reputable Gas Safe registered plumber who has registered your boiler, just call your boiler manufacturer and they will come and solve any issues you may have as a result of your boiler. I should also point out, your manufacturer will also probably want to see your boiler has been serviced every year so make sure you ask your engineer to fill out the service book you have. We charge a flat fee of £50.00 for a gas boiler service so do give us a call if you would like to have one carried out.

Plumbing Breakdown Cover and the moral plumber

The moral of my story is this. Firstly, always be sure to use a reputable Gas Safe registered plumber. Secondly, always be sure to check they will register the boiler when fitted. Thirdly, always check what cover you already have from your boiler manufacturer prior to taking out any additional cover, and last but not least… never seduce your plumber without fully understanding the long term implications of living and working with one!!!

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