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With winter, fast approaching and your plumber becoming increasingly busy, it’s never more important to keep an eye on your heating system. I can assure you, the very last thing we ever want to say is “we can’t get to you today” when it comes to a boiler breakdown, however, the reality is when the cold weather hits there are just not enough plumbers to go around.

The good news is there are ways to help keep your heating system running and ensure you are minimising the risks of breakdowns, and wearing your entire wardrobe to stay warm. They will help your boiler run more efficiently and ultimately save you money as well, potentially making your boiler last a few years longer. I think we are all in agreement; these are all reasons to start showing your heating system some love!

For all our ‘top tips‘ to keep your heating happy, download our free fact sheet and of course, be sure to give us a call if you have any questions. We are always pleased to help.

Finally, we celebrated ten years of Gas Safety week recently. Please be sure to visit our Facebook page for even more helpful hints and tips on how you can keep Gas Safe in your home.

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