Designer Radiators and Pipework to Spice up your Central Heating

With radiator design becoming ever more developed we are receiving more and more requests for beautiful designer radiators. With plumbers up and down the country fitting the industry standard variety, we wanted to show you there are beautiful alternatives whatever your taste. I should warn you, some of these come with a price tag to match their beauty but if you are looking to make a real statement and want to stand out from the crowd, this really is a wise investment and proves your central heating system can be both beautiful and multi purpose. From funky towel radiators in your bathroom to beautiful statement radiators in your lounge, we love to find you exactly what you are looking for to keep you toasty in the winter and still looking beautiful in the warmer months.

Let your plumber work out the maths...

Whilst finding the look of your new radiators is important, it is vitally important to get the correct size radiators with the correct heat output for your room. The BTU (British Thermal Units) is the unit in which radiator efficiency is measured. Factors such a rooms size, ceiling height, outside walls and the number of windows in a room all play a part in the radiator output you require. We always work out the maths on this and it is important any plumber does before recommending what size radiators you need so please, always ask your plumber to make sure they have.

Does your pipework measure up to your heating system?

In houses up and down the country, what is known as ‘microbore’ pipework used to be fitted as standard when central heating systems were installed. The issue with microbore is due to it’s very narrow size, it can easily become clogged up and cause issues to both your boiler, new designer radiator and your overall heating performance. It is also less efficient and just sometimes will not cut the mustard with modern boilers. Gradually,  homes are having this swapped out when having new heating systems installed. There is no getting around it, it’s a messy business if you want the pipework hidden but so worth it in the end when your feel the difference in your central heating.

Becoming evermore popular now is surface mounted pipework, not only for it’s ease of installation and thus reduced cost to the customer but also, believe it or not, it’s beauty! If left with a copper finish and secured with brass munson rings, these pipes can be a really beautiful addition to your home, especially in older properties. We always lacquer these pipes to ensure they are easy to maintain so if you request this look from your plumber, ask them to do the same.

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